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makorra + matching outfits


Everyone calls Zuko and Mai’s daughter Honora, but really she was named June Pippinpaddleopsicopolis the Third after losing a bet with Aang.


Apparently Korra of Tron (and the Grid Ferrets) made an appearance at Katsucon. I love it.
Photo from starstorm
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The Sato Heiress
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Since we’re all reminiscing about ye olden fandom days, I’m wondering:

  • how many of you guys were actually on tumblr for the Book 1 premiere?
  • were you ATLA fans before LoK, or did you go in knowing nothing?
  • when did you start shipping your main LoK ship, if you ship any?

I drew this for the SDCC 2013 art competition. It was very last minute, though!
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Whenever anyone is talking about how feminist Avatar is they always forget how within the first 4 minutes of the first episode Sokka says ‘Leave it to a girl to screw everything up’ and the Katara calls him sexist and gets so mad she destroys an iceberg and finds the Avatar and basically Katara calling Sokka out on his shit started the whole show